Do you live outside India? Sometimes, have you come across a foreigner walking in a cotton sashay top with patterns of traditional Indian embroidery? Did you feel a weird sense of happiness and maybe a bit of pride? Do you still crave for chai even though you’re standing in the long queue at Starbucks or Dome? When you walk through the modern architectural marvel Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, does the uncanny resemblance it has with the iconic Delhi Juma Masjid strike you? The flip flops you see at the beaches of Coney island or Rottnest remind you of someone you know? Do the Indian ethnic sections of a clothing store or an e-commerce website still capture your vivid attention?

If your answer is yes to some of the above questions, it could be the result of the Indian diaspora in you!

For people who have left India at some point, India could still be a deep ache within, which must now have transformed even into a mystical idea. However, as generations go by, the intimacy of this emotional affiliation diminishes. But it never deteriorates. Even though the culture, quality of lifestyle, education, etc. must have influenced and shaped the thought process and preferences of the next generation, they are not completely devoid of Indian sentiment. It is transferred to them from the migrant parents through memories, stories, nostalgia, media and short visits. And the younger generation certainly is thus intrigued. For them it must not be as nostalgic as for their parents, still, the land remains a mystery. You’re fascinated undoubtedly. This fascination evokes Indian taste on the consumer psyche in you which affects your product choices. And the big brands are not unaware of this segment of potential consumers. You are thoroughly considered while building brand strategies. You can see an Indo- western or Indo- Middle Eastern fusion in product portfolios vibrantly.  From clothes, jewellery, footwear, bags, to home and furniture designs, the preferences of this segment are widely experimented and implemented.  In turn, it has affected Indian society with a mixed approach in their shopping tastes and habits as well.

Well, hence the next time when you shop if you recognize an irresistible urge for something remotely Desi, go ahead and grab it! It is only the nuances of the Indian diaspora. Do enjoy it once in a while and have tons of fun shopping !

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