” I am a Content Creator, Writer and a Marketing Strategist”

Being an established content writer and content marketing strategist, I work with some of the big brands in India, UAE, USA, Canada, and Australia. I create various forms of content with ease and accuracy.


In my experience, I have seen writers concentrating on specific niches they are comfortable with. It is the common advise that you receive when you start out in the field. But, in my case, with research and reading, I have noticed that I get comfortable with every form of writing. Yes, it was not easier in the beginning, but I have learned the craft. Hence, I can proudly say that I have proven expertise in Commercial Content Writing, Blogging, Business & Proposal Writing, Academic Writing, Technical Writing, Copy & Creative Writing.

I have catered my services to clients in different industries including Banking, Retail, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Print & Publishing, Tourism, Travel, Technology, Politics, Human Resources, Economics, Culture, Art & Living, Music, Cinematography, Academia, and E-commerce.


On the Academic front, I have graduated with Dual Master-degrees from prestigious institutions in the USA and India. I have an MBA from Christ University, Bangalore and MS in Global Marketing Management from VCU, USA. And, trust me those are not just papers, I have earned them fair and square!

Besides, I am an experienced Marketing Professional having industry experience for more than three years in a full-time, part-time, remote, consultant, project-based, and freelancer roles.

I have worked with more than 20 firms as a marketing consultant and served above 100 clients in content creator/strategist roles. Besides, I also provide social media marketing services. In this way, I market both my profession and passion for earning well, gaining exposure, gathering knowledge on various industries, updating my skills and techniques, and also for thriving in the world while I wait for my new adventures!

I keep the doors open as opportunities can knock at any time. With hard work, discipline, passion, integrity, and willingness to learn, I believe every click is an opportunity in this era characterized by technology.

Having read the above, if you find me suitable for a content creator/writer/ marketer/ strategist/consultant positions in your organization, do contact me on kafeelaparvin@gmail.com or +919846451003/+61 424 299 297.

Who should NOT connect with me ( or any other freelancers) ?

  • People who want unique content but cannot pay its worth
  • People who do not respect other’s time ( Yes, editing one promo email 10 times in a span of 5 months, is not my  kinda gig)
  • People who have money to pay, but do not (When startups say that they are on a tight budget, I understand. But it is no excuse for not paying for the services you incurred)
  • Scammers
  • People who still live in 1980s and do not appreciate what’s new in Marketing
  • No, I am not a cold call person. That is not the role I am looking for in my business.

If you want beautiful content, exceptional strategies and understand the above points, please get in touch with me soon! I am excited to work with you!