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Kafeela Parvin is a freelance content creator, copywriter and brand consultant based in Bangalore.

Kafeela Parvin is a freelance content writer, creator, copy editor and marketing strategist based in Bangalore. Kafeela works with some of the big brands, startups and individuals in India, UAE, USA, Canada, and Australia. She creates various forms of content to suit the business and personal branding requirements.

Kafeela is one of the top contenders of National Story Slam, a story writing and storytelling competition organized by Kommune, India’s largest creative story telling platform. Kafeela Parvin has also received training from Alyne Tamir AKA Dear Alyne, Nusseir (Nas Daily), Agon (Project Nightfall) and work for the community of content creators monitored and guided by them.

Kafeela Parvin has proven expertise in commercial Content Writing, Business & Proposal Writing, Academic Content Production, Technical Writing, Creative Content, Ghost Writing, Copy Creation and Blogging. She has catered these services to clients in different industries including Banking, Retail, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Print & Publishing, Tourism, Travel, Technology, Politics, Human Resources, Economics, Culture, Art & Living, Music, Cinematography, Academia, and E-commerce.

Kafeela has worked for some of the big brands such as The Times of India, Grey Global, South Indian Bank, Maruti Indus Go, Salesforce, Mad Maven New York and Oxford University Press.

Kafeela Parvin has dual master degrees in Marketing including MBA from Christ University Bangalore and MS from VCU, USA. She offers marketing strategy consulting and support to startups and small brands. Besides, she assists in developing websites and social media content creation. 

With hard work, discipline, passion, integrity, and willingness to learn, Kafeela believes every click is an opportunity in this era characterized by technology to learn and deliver.

When not writing professionally for clients, Kafeela works on her book and the development of online courses which can be helpful to others. She is also an avid reader and a blogger. She also offers training for graduates. Kafeela loves compering events. She aspires to be a political journalist soon to voice out the real narrative. She is passionate about sociology-political-economic enterprises in the world.



1. Web Content Writing

As an experienced professional web content developer, Kafeela can surely help you in building an effective presence of your brand in the internet world. Kafeela Parvin has written content for more than 100 websites which include South Indian Bank, Salesforce, DLF India, Spiderworks, and many more brands internationally. When it comes to website copy, Kafeela clearly knows what sells. Kafeela plans the content copy accurately taking updates SEO metrics into account. She strategically places keywords in the copy to invite more traction to the website and she is the best web content writer in India. She works with corporate entities, marketing agencies, Ngo and individuals to ensure that websites have the best copy that will capture attention and to retain your audience’s focus in the page for longer duration. Kafeela has the creative abilities to keep your website unique and the copy diverse. Kafeela Parvin has different styles of writing that can suit your business needs. She’s adaptive, creative and passionate with words. It in turn makes Kafeela Parvin one of the best content writers in India.

•             Website content development

•             SEO articles writing services

•             Blog writing and management

•             Social media content curation


2. Copy Writing

Ad copy writing is a skill of its own. 7 words should be able to tell more than what 700 words can describe. Kafeela has a unique way with words which helps her to create attractive catchphrases for your brand building efforts. Kafeela Parvin will help your brand to create and propagate copies which are sleek, attractive and though provoking. Kafeela is a resourceful person and working with more than 200 clients spread across 15 different industries has enabled her to write copies in different angles. She hence works as a freelance marketing copywriter for some of the best advertising agencies in India and oversees.

•             Brand naming

•             Advertisement scripts

•             Motion video bylines

•             Brochure contents

•             Social media copy

•             Ad copy

•             Brochure and PR copies

•             Newsletters


3.  Corporate Writing

Having closely worked with brands like Times Group, Grey and Salesforce, Kafeela Parvin is an expert in business communications. She provides templates for internal communication for some of the best brands in the region. Kafeela also prepares content for B2B corporate communication and B2C networking. Kafeela has proven expertise when it comes to corporate writing services. She’s the “go-to” for many brands which need immediate brand communication solutions. Kafeela Parvin is one of the best corporate writer in India who can catch the essence of your brand communication efforts and match your style without wasting a moment.

•             Business summaries

•             Management profiles

•             Internal communication templates

•             Business blogs

•             Business letters

•             Company profiles

•             Marketing letters

•             Sales emails/letters

•             Demi official letters


4.  Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is a widely accepted practice around the globe. The lyrics of your favorite song by your favorite band might not be written by the singer, but a ghost writer. Your favorite autobiography of the legend you idolize might be written by a ghost writer too.

Ghost writing is the process of writing where you are monetarily compensated but you do not take credits for your work. Kafeela has worked with many producers and renowned publications around the world in ghost writing capacity. If you are looking for ghostwriters for your books, blogs, articles, scripts, speeches, essays or poems, Kafeela Parvin is an excellent candidate to work with. Kafeela is one of the best ghost writers in India who has so much to offer for the client with credible credentials.

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Songs

5.  Academic Writing

Students who are looking at abroad education will realize that essays are very important part of the course work which carries high weightage. Unlike in India where one student produces the real work and others copy, foreign universities employ strict plagiarism policy to ensure student work ethic. Copying from web resources and other students are considered to be serious offenses which will lead to disciplinary actions and termination of the student candidacy.  It is noted that students coming from India and China are involved in such disciplinary actions more than any other countries in the world. Indian education system does not take copying assignments as a serious offense. However, students who move from Indian education system to foreign education system requires some help and hand holding to understand the policies without affecting their grades. Kafeela helps students to give them pointers and to craft better essays so that students stay on top of their subjects and grades. She has proven track record with students who have taken their masters in administration, art and literature, and engineering degrees.  Kafeela Parvin will help you with organizing, structuring and editing your essays which will enable you to write better essays in the future.

•             General essay writing

•             Research proposal editing

•             Dissertation editing services

•             Thesis editing services

•             Term paper editing

•             Course work editing

•             Book/movie review editing

6.  Immigration Writing Services

Immigration writing service is a special service that most of you might not be aware of. When you are migrating to countries like Australia and Canada, there are certain stages where you need to prove your expertize in the career or education you have claimed. It requires completing certain essays for which immigration agencies charge a whopping amount. Kafeela is an expert in CDR writing with 100 percent acceptance rate so far.


7.  Professional Resume Writing

Kafeela Parvin has work experience with companies in India, UAE, USA, Australia and Canada. This practical experience enables her to understand what works and what doesn’t in each of these markets. She understands the difference between a resume, CV and portfolio. She can guide you through what will work for the job that you are applying for. Kafeela has experience with outsourced resume work with different countries around the world.  Besides, she also helps with LinkedIn profile makeover services which will lead to more incoming job offers from recruiters

•             Visual resumes

•             Personal resume websites

•             Professional summary

•             Portfolios

•             LinkedIn profiles

•             Cover letter writing

•             Job application letters

•             LinkedIn profile makeover services

•             LinkedIn profile building services

•             LinkedIn profile summary writing

•             Resume and LinkedIn profile writing

•             LinkedIn profile services for students


8.  Personal Branding

Creating a personal brand is tricky. If you are starting from scratch it can be a clueless task. You need somebody to take care of planning and execution for you. And let’s not forget about the content. When you start out, you will need to go through certain iterations to get it right. Kafeela Parvin has gone through the process of creating a brand for herself and for her clients. Instead of the company you work for creating a label for you, through personal branding you are creating an address for yourself over the globe.

What do you want to be known for?

The answer to this question will define your personal brand for you.

Kafeela will help you create an impact in the world through the measures that you seek to obtain the results that you expect.


9.  Social Media Management

Even when you don’t buy through Facebook or Instagram, you check insta posts to get ideas.  Almost 75 percent of people use social media when making a purchase decision. It’s a critical touch point for shoppers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industry, which is why companies invest in professional social media services. Kafeela and her team are capable of managing beautiful Instagram pages for visually appealing to audience.

  • Graphical content
  • Social posts
  • Boosted posts
  • Custom images
  • Feedback monitoring
  • Analytics