” I am a Content Creator, Writer and a Marketing Strategist”

I am an established content writer, creator and content marketing strategist. I work with some of the big brands, startups and Individuals in India, UAE, USA, Canada, and Australia. I create various forms of content with ease and accuracy to suit your business and personal branding requirements.


Once, my professor, Dr. Van R Wood, told me, “After graduation, I had the opportunity to choose between a big brand and a startup. Against the odds, I chose the startup, and it made all the difference in my life. Instead of becoming another nut in the machine, build a machine, or be a one.”

I listened to his advice. Professor Wood is one of the eminent personalities in Virginia with his expertise in international business. He had the most respectable aura and wisdom.

I knew if I had chosen a position in a company, it would give me a safe place with a salary. I might have settled for it and never explored my full potential. I was scared of the latter than the lack of a fixed salary in the beginning. I couldn’t just be another employee with another title before making me finding my path.

I had to find out the purpose of my life. I always had a strong bond with letters. A beautifully structured sentence often melted my heart. I decided to commercialize my ability to write while helping startups to gain a voice. It was a rough start since I had zero knowledge or experience in the creative industry. After four years, now I have served more than 100s of companies as a freelancer. Along the way, I have upskilled myself to be a digital marketer, utilized my two masters in marketing to develop strategies, and I have carved out my niche, which includes a combination of writing and marketing across five geographical locations.


I have proven expertise in Commercial Content Writing, Blogging, Business & Proposal Writing, Academic Writing, Technical Writing, Copy & Creative Writing.

I have catered my services to clients in different industries including Banking, Retail, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Print & Publishing, Tourism, Travel, Technology, Politics, Human Resources, Economics, Culture, Art & Living, Music, Cinematography, Academia, and E-commerce.

With hard work, discipline, passion, integrity, and willingness to learn, I believe every click is an opportunity in this era characterized by technology.


On the Academic front, I have graduated with Dual Master-degrees from prestigious institutions in the USA and India. I have an MBA from Christ University, Bangalore and MS in Global Marketing Management from VCU, USA.

Besides, I am an experienced Marketing Professional having industry experience for more than three years in a full-time role along with part-time, remote, consulting, project-based, and freelancing gigs.


I have worked with more than 20 firms as a marketing consultant and served over 100 clients in content creator/strategist roles. Besides, I also provide social media marketing services. In this way, I market both my profession and passion for earning well, gaining exposure, gathering knowledge of various industries, and updating my skills and techniques, while thriving for excellence. At the same time, I wait for my next adventures!


Who should NOT connect with me ( or any other freelancers) ?

  • People who want unique content but cannot pay its worth
  • People who do not respect other’s time ( Yes, editing one promo email 10 times in a span of 5 months, is not my  kinda gig)
  • People who have money to pay, but do not (When startups say that they are on a tight budget, I understand. But it is no excuse for not paying for the services you incurred)
  • Scammers
  • People who still live in 1980s and do not appreciate what’s new in Marketing
  • No, I am not a cold call person. That is not the role I am looking for in my business.

If you want beautiful content, exceptional strategies and understand the above points, please get in touch with me soon! I am excited to work with you!


Having read the above, if you find me suitable for a content creator/writer/ marketer/ strategist/consultant positions in your organization, do contact me on kafeelaparvin@gmail.com or +919846451003/+61 424 299 297.