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Kafeela Parvin

Kafeela Parvin is a freelance content writer, creator, copy editor and marketing strategist based in Bangalore. She works with some of the big brands, startups and individuals in India, UAE, USA, Canada, and Australia. She creates various forms of content to suit the business and personal branding requirements.

She has proven expertise in commercial Content Writing, Business & Proposal Writing, Academic Content Production, Technical Writing, Creative Content, Ghost Writing, Copy Creation and Blogging. She has catered these services to clients in different industries including Banking, Retail, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Print & Publishing, Tourism, Travel, Technology, Politics, Human Resources, Economics, Culture, Art & Living, Music, Cinematography, Academia, and E-commerce.

She has worked for some of the big brands such as The Times of India, Grey Global, South Indian Bank, Maruti Indus Go, Salesforce, Mad Maven New York and Oxford University Press.

Kafeela has dual master degrees in Marketing including MBA from Christ University Bangalore and MS from VCU, USA. She offers marketing strategy consulting and support to startups and small brands. Besides, she assists in developing websites and social media content creation.  

With hard work, discipline, passion, integrity, and willingness to learn, Kafeela believes every click is an opportunity in this era characterized by technology to learn and deliver.

When not writing professionally for clients, Kafeela works on her book and the development of online courses which can be helpful to others. She is also an avid reader and a blogger. She also offers training for graduates. Kafeela loves compering events. She aspires to be a political journalist soon to voice out the real narrative. She is passionate about sociology-political-economic enterprises in the world.